5 Things To Remember When Adjusting To Change (Especially During A Pandemic)

The whole of life happens in phases. From babyhood to childhood, adolescence to early adulthood, to our middle age, our older years and beyond — our lives unfold in stages. With each chapter, comes its own set of lessons to be learned and challenges to meet. Sometimes, as we move throughout our lives, it can be tough to adjust to a new change and accept the new normal, whether we made the choice for ourselves […]

Helping Your Kids Manage School Stress & Life Changes During the Pandemic

As the unpredictable days of pandemic life continue, different groups are dealing with stressors from all angles. Those of us who are parents are included. Among so many concerns, we’re worried for our health and the health of our children, we may be balancing work and childcare, and we’re striving to keep our kids engaged while they may feel isolated. And then there’s school. Most school-age children and teenagers in Metro New Orleans have been […]