Gasper J. Bongiovani

Gasper J. Bongiovani, LCSW-BACS works with children, adolescents, adults, and couples, addressing a variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, family issues, relationships, self-esteem, anger management, ADHD, personality disorder, behavioral challenges, etc.  Gasper has 16 years of experience providing intensive outpatient counseling to individuals and groups.  Gasper believes that counseling is a partnership between the therapist and the client to arrive at the needed objectives and goals.  Whereas the therapist has skills and training, the client is always the expert on themselves and their families.  It is only through working together with regard for the dignity and worth of each individual that challenges can be alleviated and strengths enhanced.

Gasper employs cognitive behavioral intervention to assist the individual in realizing their own untapped potential and strengths.  He believes that people own multiple strengths, many of which go unnoticed.  When the individual is empowered to unlock their own self-potential, there is a revitalization that provides ample opportunities for success and happiness.  This technique has proven valuable for clients of different ages, through appropriate modification.  Gasper believes that play is the language of children and is a highly valuable tool in expressing their own thoughts and feelings.

Gasper has obtained a Masters of Social Work from Southern University at New Orleans and has gone on to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor.  Gasper has served as Chair for the National Association of Social Workers and is a member of the honors society, Phi Theta Kappa.

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