Panoagiotis Markopoulos

Dr. Panagiotis Markopoulos, Ph.D., is a clinical lab director and a faculty at the University of New Orleans, Counselor Education & Supervision program. Dr. Markopoulos clinical and research expertise is focused on children, adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Dr. Markopoulos is well known in the research and clinical community for his ongoing advocacy efforts as it pertains to autism. Beyond his above expertise, Dr. Markopoulos provides counseling treatment to children, adolescents and young adults who experiencing depression, anxiety, life obstacles, and in general life transitions when it comes to school, home and community. Dr. Markopoulos, a Greek native, who relocated in the United States in 2007, considers New Orleans as his home town.

Dr. Markopoulos unique factor that brings into therapy, is humor. Humor can be an empowering coping mechanism tool that brings emotional relief in times of distress, by helping the individual who experiences various life stressors to explore in more depth feelings and thoughts.

Dr. Markopoulos is actively involved internationally and nationally in various leadership counseling organizations related roles including the American Counseling Association, Association for Counselor Education & Supervision, Southern Association for Counselor Education & Supervision, International Association for Marriage and Family Counselors and Association for Humanistic Counseling. Additionally, he has received numerous recognitions and research awards as it pertains to his research on using virtual reality (VR) for clinical use in the treatment of children with ASD and he is an active presenter in state, national, and international conferences.