Ryan Landry



Licensed Professional Counselor

Ryan believes in working for and with clients, meeting them where they are when they present to therapy, and walking with them where they feel they need to go to achieve a higher quality of life by using a combination of behavior and perception changes. Most of his work has been addiction-related. Underlying almost all addictions are traumas, so truly, his work has been more trauma-related than anything. He achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2009 with a minor in Addictive Behaviors. He completed his Master’s degree in Psychological Counseling in 2013, both from Nicholls State University.

He’s a father and an athlete when not helping others with making their lives the best they can be. He believes life is to be lived to its fullest potential and encourages his clients to do the same through his work with them. He uses a variety of different approaches in therapy, but above all, he believes the rapport that can exist between a client and their therapist creates the space for healing to occur.

Offering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Plans to New Orleans & Metairie Residents

Cognitive behavioral therapy – or CBT for short – is one of the most effective counseling options we offer. We help both women and men achieve emotional well-being by creating individual treatment plans using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.