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You may think of March 17th as a day to wear green (or else be pinched), but this year it’s actually a very important day in the world of mental health, too.

Every third Tuesday in March is World Social Work Day (#WSWD2020), and as a New Orleans counseling service with Licensed Clinical Social Works (LCSW) on staff, it’s a day we happily celebrate!

The 2020 Theme for World Social Work Day is “Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships”

Did you know that social workers can help to counsel you through a variety of life events and obstacles?

This year, for World Social Work Day, the International Federation of Social Workers is focusing on the importance of the human relationships we have with one another.

When you think about it, we have interpersonal relationships with a variety of groups and individuals. These include:

  • Your spouse or romantic partner
  • Your children, if you have any
  • Your extended family including your in-laws and nieces and nephews
  • Your family of origin, including your parents and any siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins you may have
  • Your friends and acquaintances
  • Your coworkers, if you work outside the home
  • Your neighbors
  • Your classmates or parents of your children’s classmates
  • Your teachers
  • And the list goes on!

Your relationships with each of these groups of people are going to vary greatly. And, from person to person, relationships within individual groups of human relationships will differ too, especially if you experience:

Think of Human Relationships as More Face-to-Face Time, and Less Screen Time

The relationships we have with others are so different in 2020 than they were just ten or twenty years ago. Today, we keep in touch with people we went to high school with (and maybe weren’t even a part of the same social group with) via social media, “make friends with” – or at least follow – people with similar interests through social media and forums, and text rather than pick up the phone and have a conversation.

We also spend so much time in front of screens, we may be communicating with people more virtually rather than seeing them face-to-face and interacting with them in real life. This March 17th, try to think of ways you can improve your human relationships. A great start is some extra face-to-face time with those who matter most to you.

Our Social Workers and Counselors Can Help You Navigate Trials and Tribulations with Your Human Relationships

All relationships of every type have their ebbs and flows. Sometimes, the best way you can move forward with a relationship – or let one go – is to seek help from a social worker or counselor.

We have a team of New Orleans-based mental health professionals who can help you do just that!

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