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You may have a calendar reminder that you need to buy roses and chocolates for Valentine’s Day every February 14th, but did you know the week leading up to Cupid’s visit is also a week celebrating marriages in the US?

National Marriage Week is celebrated every February 7th to 14th. The week is part of a movement to strengthen and promote the benefits of marriage. Across the nation, couples have the opportunity to attend retreats, conferences, and seminars.

Enhancing Your Marriage During National Marriage Week and the Other 51 Weeks of the Year

At New Orleans-based Behavioral Health and Consulting Center, we work with couples year-round to help them resolve issues and achieve marital bliss. No matter how soon or long ago you two said “I do,” it’s common for marriages to ebb and flow. Typical marital stressors include:

  • Agreeing on finances, or overcoming financial obstacles
  • Learning how to communicate in a productive manner, especially to resolve or avoid spats and fights
  • Becoming parents, and making parenting decisions at your children’s different ages and stages
  • Injuries, illness, or disabilities of you, your spouse, or your child
  • Job loss or changing employment
  • Moving, whether it be down the street, across the Lake Pontchartrain, or to a new state
  • The death of a family member or close friend

Marital Counseling For New Orleans Families During Life’s Toughest Times

In addition to assisting with typical marital challenges, some marriages face major storms that are best walked through with the assistance of one of our counselors including:

  • Marital infidelity
  • Any sort of addiction, whether it be alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, pornography addiction, etc.
  • Problems with one of your children, whether it be school-related or behavioral issues, etc.
  • Being part of the “sandwich generation,” meaning you and your spouse are taking care of both your children and your aging parents

All Marriages Can Benefit from Regular Marital Counseling

As the famous book from the 1990s said, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Men and women are just wired differently, so it’s natural for any married couple to experience communication issues, which if left unresolved, can lead to deeper marital issues.

Our counselors at New Orleans-based Behavioral Health and Counseling Center are fully-equipped to help you through talk therapy to learn how to better communicate (including learning your spouse’s unique communication style), resolve any issues in your marriage from disagreements or misunderstandings in the past, and learning how to rebuild your marriage if an incident occurred and trust has been lost.

Enrolling for Concurrent Individual and Marital Counseling

Sometimes, couples may seek out marriage counseling because one spouse is going through a difficult time, such as an addiction or mental health issues such as depression. In this case, many of our couples opt for both individual counseling to work on their own mental health, and marital counseling to help navigate their current difficult time.

We are able to provide these services to you, if necessary. And with your written permission, your individual counselor(s) and marriage counselor can communicate together based on your sessions to provide a more comprehensive, holistic picture of your marital situation to best get you back to the point of marital bliss.

Available to Provide Referrals to Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) and Clinical Therapists

Our staff is comprised of counselors. If your doctor has recommended you see an LCSW or a clinical psychotherapist, or you feel the need for one yourself, we’re happy to make a referral for you, even if you’re in the middle of seeing one of our counselors. Again, with your expressed written permission, we can coordinate with any LCSW or clinical psychotherapist you choose to see in the future to get him or her up to speed on the state of your counseling sessions.

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Whether you’ve tried marriage counseling before or you think it’s time to take this next step, our counselors are ready to help you! We help married couples throughout New Orleans, Metairie, and Kenner.

To learn more about our services or to be matched with a local marriage counselor, contact us today at (504) 302-7771.

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